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Recruitment Position Education Number Of Recruits Age Release Date
1. Be familiar with. Net framework 2.0, skillfully use various development architectures under. Net platform, and skillfully use Visual C ා. Net 2005;
2. Proficient ASP.NET Develop B / s system;
3. Proficient in web development, familiar with HTML, CSS (CSS + DIV), JavaScript and other client technologies;
4. Proficient in stored procedure and trigger of SQL Server database;
5. Experience in management software development of group company (works need to be provided);
6. Have full enthusiasm for technology, can diagnose and solve problems independently, good coding style and unit testing habits;
7. Work conscientiously and responsible, logical thinking clear, efficient working methods, strong learning ability, easy communication, team spirit, able to work under pressure, strong language expression ability.

The following conditions are preferred:

1. Senior programmer qualification or website architecture practice;
2. Have a certain understanding of Ajax architecture;